Demetriou & Demetriou LLC was founded in 1980 by Andreas Demetriou, an ambitious lawyer who soon became well-established and well-known in Cyprus, mainly in civil and criminal litigation.

Andreas Demetriou was succeeded by his son Antonis Demetriou, CEO of the company who is an experienced, respected and successful lawyer specializing in Criminal law, ranked as one of the greatest criminologists in Cyprus.

Their hard work, ambition and innovation combined with the provision of excellent quality services and legal expertise, in order to meet the expectations of their Clients, led to the rapid expansion of the company which is today considered one of the most well-known law firms in Cyprus and one of the largest litigation firms of the country. Demetriou & Demetriou LLC is distinguished for its professional success, as well as for its exceptional reputation.

Our company provides a variety of services to its customers, covering a variety of legal fields, combining expertise, multifaceted knowledge and experience in the domestic legal system with an international orientation.

The company Demetriou & Demetriou LLC offers a variety of specialized services in all areas of law including the areas of Criminal and Civil Law, European Law, Family Law, Tax Law, Labor Law, Banking Law, Immigration Law and a newly established specialized department in the field of Real Estate Recovery and Debt Recovery, as well as in many other fields. Our company is also active in Court proceedings and dispute resolution.

In the fields of Commercial and Corporate Law, our company offers specialized services, including corporate and financial consulting, International, as well as Cyprus Tax Planning, Formation and Administration of Cypriot and International Companies, as well as a vast majority of services to facilitate the need of each and every one of our clients.

In the ever-increasing field of Immigration law, our Company provides a full range of elite services from the preparation of all the necessary documents, up to the implementation of all relevant procedures and requirements.

In addition, and guided by the growing demands in the field of Debt Recovery, our Company has set in place a highly effective infrastructure for the operation of a Debt Recovery department, through a specialized Call Center. The Debt Recovery department of our company, with well-trained staff, has the ability to undertake all debt collection cases, from small businesses to large organizations. With a high success rate in overdue debts, we, as a legal firm, have created a sense of trust in all our partners, with some of the highest debt recovery rates in Cyprus.

With us, you will find an excellent team of lawyers and legal advisors, who are committed to meeting your expectations and advising you on all available and reliable solutions, as well as designing, shaping and managing your business plans.

We believe in providing quality through strategic thinking, aiming at innovative solutions to any problems faced by our Clients.