Areas of Practice

Demetriou & Demetriou LLC offers a wide range of services in relation to this important area of law. We engage

The Shipping department provides advice and assistance on the preparation and negotiation of commercial shipping contracts of all kinds and

Competition law has grown to be an extremely important and major area of law since it is central to the

Demetriou & Demetriou LLC has been offering its legal services in the field of Insurance Law since its inception. Through

Sports law is an umbrella term which includes and overlaps substantially with employment law, contract law, competition law, tort law and defamation and privacy

In a globalized economy where multinational companies are pressed to maintain and increase quality while cutting costs to meet increasingly

Demetriou & Demetriou LLC promotes and captures the importance of this area of Law whose influence has risen in the

Demetriou & Demetriou LLC offers its services in the field of commercial energy, a sector which is highly influenced by

Our law firm has a long record of successfully dealing with all matters relating to immigration law, citizenship applications, both