Company Law

In a globalized economy where multinational companies are pressed to maintain and increase quality while cutting costs to meet increasingly higher client expectations, Cyprus provides a complete value proposition.

Cyprus has a comprehensive, modern and forward-looking legal and regulatory framework based on English Common Law principles. The country’s legal framework is widely recognized as a business-friendly and effective system that allows for reliable and transparent business practices.

Our law firm provides advisory services relating to various tax issues and the firm’s primary objective is to create the most beneficial tax planning and optimized tax solutions for our clients.

Our team possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to help our clients, whether they are natural or legal persons, in forming their domestic and international activities in the most productive and tax-effective way.

Our law firm offers a wide range of services in this specialized field of law which include:


  • Establishment of Companies
  • International Tax Planning
  • Formation and Administration of Companies
  • Confidentiality Services
  • All other related issues