Competition Law

Competition law has grown to be an extremely important and major area of law since it is central to the functioning of the national, the European and the International markets.


Anti-competative agreements are synonymous to colossal fines by the relevant Competition Authorities, especially within the European Union market where Competition Law and Policy plays a decisive and fundamental role. The words ‘mergers’, ‘acquisitions’ and ‘cartels’ have become an everyday phenomenon and a dangerous possibility for numerous firms.


At Demetriou & Demetriou LLC we comprehend the extent and influence of Competition Law on business and consumers and we are experienced in providing both local and international clients with elite and cost-effective solutions and advice on anti-competitive practices and behaviour within the Cyprus, the European but also the Internationl economic markets.


Our Firm also offers representation of our clients before the relevant competition authorities and Courts, both in Cyprus and abroad.